Senoia, Georgia's Bubba Pollard and Semora, North Carolina's Lee Pulliam have a few things in common. Despite never having raced against each other the two drivers know lots about each other's success thanks to the media and internet.   The two are both in their mid 20's and they dominate their respected regions. For Pollard it's the Pro and Super Late Model world in the deep south.  Pulliam has captured just about everything in the Late Model Stock Car world in Virginia and North Carolina.   

On Saturday night Bubba Pollard raced under the checkered flag at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) to win his sixth race of the 2014 season.  That was at 10pm on the dot.  Just 13 minutes later Lee Pulliam too his sixth win of the season giving each driver a six pack of wins before the middle of May.

We asked each driver what they think of each other and the accomplishments.  Both admitted they have the upmost respect for each other.

"It's pretty neat that he's aware of what we do as we are with his number of wins," said Pollard. "I know he won something like 30 races last year.  That's crazy and awesome at the same time."

Pollard had an epic run in 2011 where he racked up 19 wins, that was the same year Pulliam won the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300.  Since then, Pulliam has won two NASCAR Whelen All American Series National Championships.

"That gives you a good feeling when you hear another racer praise you especially when they have won as many races as him," said Pulliam about Pollard.  "That means a lot to me and my team."

Both drivers have one thing in common and that's the ability and the desire to work on the car to get it right come race time. 
"You've got to know what you want to make your car right," said Pulliam.  "We as a team with Travis and Eddie Kiker make it work.  We have already won more races this season then they have in a while."  

"Part of the reason why we both win is because we are hands on with our stuff," said Pollard.  "As a driver you are the only person that knows what that car needs and sometimes when you want to make sure it's done right you do it yourself.  I think that's very important to winning is being a part of doing it and know what you have under you when you race." 

When asked about the possibility of swapping rides, both drivers were very open to the idea.

"Anybody like him will run great in what he gets in," said Pulliam. "Adapting to a track is not hard when you run as much as we do."

"I am all for it," said Pollard.  "I think it would be neat to see what he can do and what I can do. I have always wanted to see where I rank compared to those guys and what my ability level is compared to them.  I think it would be cool."

Lee Pulliam

2009: 1
2010: 5
2011: 19
2012: 22
2013: 31
2014: 6
Total Since 2009: 84
Biggest Accomplishments: Two NASCAR National Championships, 2011 Martinsville 300 winner, three track championships.   

Bubba Pollard

Wins by Year
2009: 12
2010: 9
2011: 19
2012: 6
2013: 3
2014: 6
Total Since 2009: 55

Biggest Accomplishments: 2012 Rattler 250 win, three Gulf Coast (Pensacola and Mobile) sweeps since 2011, seven track championships

Pulliam and Pollard Score Sixth Wins of 2014 on Same Night
Regional Standouts Envy Each Other's Performance, Could Their Paths One Day Cross?
By Elgin Traylor, Operations Manager - Twitter: @ElginTraylor
Six wins already in 2014 for Lee Pulliam. (Mark Bochiardy photo)
Bubba Pollard also have a half dozen wins.