The experienced versus the inexperienced.  Champions versus rookies.  Locals versus travelers. The 43-car early entry list for TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Round One at Wisconsin International Raceway is littered with ingredients for an intriguing May 10 affair.

Defending TUNDRA Champion Nick Panitzke will not be the only driver boasting a title heading into the TUNDRA season.  Travis Dassow, who will team drive with last year's Mid-American Champion Brad Keith, holds a traveling title of his own.  He was the 2007 ASA Late Model Challenge Series titlist.

Three-time Marshfield Motor Speedway Champion will again be on the heels of Panitzke after finishing third in TUNDRA standings last season.  Other contenders at WIR carrying titles include Slinger Speedway Champions Steve Apel and Jeremy Lepak (TUNDRA Traveler), former Golden Sands Champions (and returning TUNDRA Travelers) Brandon Selle and Frank Nitzke and former three-time Dells Raceway Park Champion Corey Jankowski.

The local contingent will be out in full force, as well.  Defending WIR Champion Jeff VanOudenhoven, three-time WIR Champion Lowell Bennett and top guns Kyle Calmes, Maxwell Schultz, Ty Majeski, Brett Piontek and Andy Monday have also filed entries.  Tom Gee Jr. won the WIR opener last season, but has decided to join up as a TUNDRA Traveler for 2014.

Several drivers from the WIR Late Model ranks will step up to the plate to take on the Super Late Models.  Cory Kemkes, Jesse Oudenhoven, Corey Manders and Brent Strelka will join the ranks of TUNDRA on the d-shaped ½ mile.  Strelka will run the TUNDRA season with former Champ Dennis Prunty as a teammate.

A few out-of-towners will hope to crash the party in the season opener just like last season.  Florida's Dalton Zehr grabbed his fifth career TUNDRA win in Round One last season.  For this season's first event he joins forces with Chase Motorsports, who found victory lane twice last season with 12-time WIR Champ Terry Baldry behind the wheel. Illinois hot-shoe Michael Bilderback also plans to contend for the TUNDRA title. Super Star Motorsports will also file two-out-of-state entries.  Joey Garjoni will make the trip from Miami, Fla., and 19-year-old Morgan Rasmussen will trek from Twin Falls Idaho.

Rasmussen is among no less than ten rookies entered for the 2014 season.  The class includes De Pere's Reagan May, who makes her return to WIR, Former DRP standouts Rich Schumann Jr., and Mike Lichtfeld, former Mid-American top runners Travis Rodewald, Dan Church and Ryan Farrell, out-of-staters Mikie Breiner and Shawn Majkrzak, and Baldry's grandson Wyatt Blashe.  Gee will also run for the Dean's Satellite Rookie of the Year prize.

A full entry list is posted below.

Round One "Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes" is scheduled for a 2 p.m. start time. Support classes include the Mid-American Stock Car Series, Wisconsin Sport Trucks and Figure 8s. Ticket prices are $10 for adults (age 13 and up). Children 12 years and under will receive free admission.

WIR is located at W1460 County Road KK just outside of Kaukauna, Wis. For more information visit

The Unified Northern Drivers Racing Association (TUNDRA) Super Late Model Series was formed in 2011 as the Alive For Five Super Late Model Series at Dells Raceway Park. TUNDRA's business plan is based on a sustainable program for promoters and race teams alike, while still providing high-quality Super Late Model entertainment to fans.

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ROUND ONE - May 10, 2014
43 Expected Entries as of 4/28/14

TT = TUNDRA Traveler
DR = Dean's Satellite Rookie

07 - Corey Kemkes                            Hometown: Appleton, Wis.                Age: 24
Notes: Finished 3rd in 2013 WIR Late Model Standings

1 - Jesse Oudenhoven                        Hometown: Freedom, Wis.                 Age: 25
Notes: First year in Super Late Model at WIR.  Past top five finisher in LM standings

2 - Lowell Bennett                             Hometown: Neenah, Wis.                   Age: 55
Notes: 3-time WIR Champion, 7-time Slinger Speedway Champion. 3 feature wins at WIR in 2013.

2 - Michael Bilderback [TT]               Hometown: South Beloit, Ill.             Age: 22
Notes: 2008 Runner Up in Big 8 Late Model Points, 27 career Midwest Tour Feature starts, 1 fast time

7 - Kelsey Bauer                                 Hometown: West Bend, Wis.             Age: 25
Notes: 2011 Dells Raceway Park Late Model Rookie of the Year.  19th in 2012 TUNDRA standings.

8 - Billy Mohn [TT]                            Hometown: Lakeville, Minn.              Age: 26
Notes: 10th in 2013 TUNDRA points. Finished 7th in 2012 Elko Speedway Super Late Model Points

9 - Kyle Calmes                                  Hometown: Freedom, Wis.                 Age: 28
Notes: Finished 8th in 2013 FRRC Super Late Model standings.  Past WIR Late Model Champion.

9 - Dan Church Jr. [DR]                     Hometown: Big Bend, Wis.               Age: 35
Notes: 2011 Mid-American Stock Car Series Rookie of the Year.

10 - Andy Monday                            Hometown: Appleton, Wis.                Age: 32
Notes: Finished 5th in 2013 WIR Super Late Model Standings.  Winner of the 2013 White Race.

11 - Chris Grimes [TT]                      Hometown: Pulaski, Wis.                   Age: 47
Notes: Former MARS series competitor making a return to racing in 2014.

13 - Mikie Breiner [DR]                      Hometown: Johnsburg, Ill.                 Age: 27
Notes: Former Mid-American Stock Car Series, Rockford Late Model and Illiania SLM competitor.

14 - Eugene Gregorich Jr. [TT]         Hometown: Amherst, Wis.                 Age: 29
Notes: 3-time Marshfield Motor Speedway Champion.  Finished 3rd in 2013 TUNDRA points

16 - Steve Apel                                  Hometown: Slinger, Wis.                    Age: 25
Notes: 2013 Slinger Speedway Champion

18N - Frank Nitzke [TT]                   Hometown: Berlin, Wis.                     Age: 49
Notes: 2012 Golden Sands Speedway Champion.  Finished 13th in 2013 TUNDRA points.

18I - Jordan Ives [TT]               Hometown: Gladstone, Mich.                        Age: 16
Notes: Finished 17th in 2013 TUNDRA points.  2012 Norway Speedway Super Late Model ROY.

22 - Nick Panitzke [TT]                 Hometown: Lakeville, Minn.              Age: 23
Notes: 2013 TUNDRA Champion

27 - Travis Rodewald [DR]               Hometown: Manitowoc, Wis.             Age: 33
Notes: Finished 4th in 2011 Mid-American Stock Car Series standings.  First year in Super Late Model.

28 - Corey Manders                           Hometown: Hilbert, Wis.                    Age: 24
Notes: Finished 10th in 2013 WIR Late Model points.

29 - Davey Pennel                              Hometown: Sparta, Wis.                     Age: 21
Notes: Made features in both TUNDRA starts last season.

31 - Corey Jankowski [TT]                 Hometown: Tomah, Wis.                    Age: 40
Notes: Three-time Dells Raceway Park Late Model Champion.  Alive For Five (2011) Feature winner

32 - Steve Lichtfeld [TT]                     Hometown: Portage, Wis.                   Age: 30
Notes: Has competed in every TUNDRA event.  Finished 15th in 2013 points.

33 - Reagan May [DR]                     Hometown: West De Pere, Wis.         Age: 20
Notes: 2010 Super Pro Series (now part of JEGS All-Star) Rookie of the Year.

34 - Maxwell Schultz             Hometown: Reedsville, Wis.              Age: 24
Notes: Finished 2nd in 2013 WIR Super Late Model points.  Picked up first feature win last season.

35 - Travis Dassow [TT]             Hometown: West Bend, Wis.                        Age: 27
Notes: 2007 ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division Champion.

36 - Tom Gee Jr. [DR]                     Hometown: Sobieski, Wis.                 Age: 34
Notes:  Won 2013 Opening night at WIR.  Finished 6th in SLM points.

38 - Shawn Majkrzak [DR]                Hometown: Menominee, Mich.          Age: 28
Notes: Past full-time competitor at Norway Speedway.

40 - Jeremy Lepak [TT]              Hometown: Ringle, Wis.                    Age:
Notes: 2012 Slinger Champion.  National Short Track Championship, Larry Detjens and Flip Merwin winner

44 - Mike Lichtfeld [DR]                 Hometown: Pardeeville, Wis.             Age: 27
Notes: Former Dells Raceway Park and Slinger LM Rookie of the Year.

45 - Jeff VanOudenhoven                 Hometown: Kimberly, Wis.                Age: 44
Notes: 2013 WIR Champion.  Has won 4 of the last 6 WIR titles.

52 - Brent Strelka [TT]                     Hometown: Freedom, Wis.                 Age: 34
Notes: Finished 2nd in 2013 WIR LM points.  Finished 8th in TUNDRA debut at Marshfield.

54 - Rich Schumann Jr. [DR]             Hometown: Portage, Wis.                   Age: 39
Notes: Two-time Dells Raceway Park Champion.

55 - Rich Loch                                  Hometown: Muskego, Wis                 Age: 41
Notes: Former full-time competitor at Slinger Speedway and with Midwest Tour.

63 - Joey Garjoni [TT]                        Hometown: Miami, Fla.                      Age: 35
Notes: His alter ego was 2011 Alive For Five Super Late Model Series Champion

72 - Randy Schuler                           Hometown: Mequon, Wis.                  Age: 41
Notes: Finished 17th in 2013 WIR points.  Winner of Gong Show at Slinger in Round Six

78 - Wyatt Blashe [DR]                    Hometown: Clintonville, Wis.            Age: 16
Notes: Grandson of 12-time WIR Champion Terry Baldry. Competed twice with TUNDRA last season.

79 - Dan Lindsley                              Hometown: Vulcan, Mich.                 Age: 32
Notes: Finished 12th in 2013 points in limited starts at Norway Speedway.

79 - Morgan Rassmussen [DR]           Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho            Age: 19
Notes: Five Go-karting Championships.  14 years racing experience.

80 - Monte Gress [TT]                      Hometown: Neilsville, Wis.                Age:
Notes:  Past feature wins at Golden Sands and Marshfield

84 - Brett Piontek                             Hometown: Green Bay, Wis.              Age: 29
Notes: Finished 3rd in 2013 WIR SLM points.

89 - Ryan Farrell [DR]                        Hometown: East Troy, Wis.               Age: 26
Notes: 2012 Mid-American stock Car Series Rookie of the Year

91 - Ty Majeski                                 Hometown: Seymour, Wis.                 Age: 19
Notes: Multiple Feature wins at LaCrosse Speedway in 2013.  Trickle 99 Segment Two winner.

98 - Brandon Selle [TT]                      Hometown: Dale, Wis.                       Age: 32
Notes: 2010 Golden Sands Champion.  Finished 6th in 2013 TUNDRA points with two fast times.

119 - Dalton Zehr [TT]                     Hometown: Daytona Beach, Fla.       Age: 21
Notes: Finished 2nd in 2012 and 2013 TUNDRA points. Most career TUNDRA wins (5)

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